People Collection

People of the world

Travel non only opens the mind, but shapes it. , (Bruce Chatwin)

It 's like a door that opens upon new worlds, inhabited by fascinating people that conquer you with their diversity.

The Tourne collections are beginning a new adventure,  come with us?

Then, follow us in the eternal ice and the clear air of the North Pole, where we will find Aikaa, the friendly Eskimo that always brings a smile. Then we set off towards the west,  in North America where Waky is waiting for us, the irresistible Indian who enchants us with her charm of the Native Americans.  Then we continue to the south and go to Mexico, where Alonso welcomes us between sunny skys and the wild nature.  And then off again we go, to the Far East in Japan, the land of Yuko who catchs us with her infinite grace.

But the adventure does not end here, new places and appealing characters are ready to bring the fascination of their worlds into yours.